Enjoy Amazing Rose Gardens, Picnic at Satomi Castle Park & Walk Ichikawa!

Sunday, May 22rd, let's escape the toxic concrete city to explore peaceful Ichikawa, "The Garden City" & enjoy the wonderful Rosenheim Garden, soon to be bursting with many gorgeous roses in every size & color!

Ichikawa is easily reached by the JR East Sobu Local (JB27) Yellow and Rapid (JO24) Blue Line Rapid trains & is a quick 18-25 minute ride from Tokyo or Akihabara!

First, if the Ichikawa I-Link Tower is open, we'll enjoy an amazing panoramic view from the 45th floor observation deck, (I think the view from here is much better than the view from Tokyo Sky Tree, and it's FREE!)


Then, we'll walk up the wide Edogawa river in fragrant springtime to the heights of Konodai, where the ruins of old Satomi castle sleep beneath majestic trees & mossy stones!

We visited the beautiful 82 hectare Satomi Castle Park last year & saw thousands of roses in many varieties blooming in the European-style garden beside sparkling fountains, in great bushes & climbing high on walls & graceful arbors!

(The rose garden is named for one of Ichikawa's sister cities, Rosenheim, Germany)

The park is lush & green, with many trees & shrubs, the castle ruins, an ancient 4th Century Kofun tomb, nice play areas, plus a grassy, forested lawn where we can relax & eat our lunches before continuing our walk.

Remnants & artifacts of the old castle may still be seen!

(There are also 3 very old (2nd-5th century) Zempokoenfun-type Kofun burial mounds nearby, where ancient armor, swords, jewels, & treasure were found!) History is all around us in Ichikawa!


We'll enjoy hiking through shady woods & nature areas to Junsai-ike, a shimmering *hyotan-shaped pond where irises are blooming. This lovely pond is also home to many turtles, koi & a few heron. The rippling water, trees & sky makes an ever-changing scene which I find a most beautiful & relaxing place!

(A hyotan is a magical Japanese sake gourd!)


We'll see fine gardens, quaint neighborhoods, beautiful old homes, fountains, statues, stones, shrines & temples, walking where ancient Jomon & Yayoi-era people lived, hunted, fished & where Samurai of the rival Satomi & Hojo clans battled in the mid-16th century, "Sengoku Period".


On the way, we'll pay our respects at the Konodai Tenmangu shrine, where 4 large rice-straw "dragons" have been woven, blessed with rice-wine & placed in trees nearby to protect the area from disease & plagues, a local tradition for over 500 years!

After visiting Satomi-koen and Junsai-ike pond, we'll walk through the woods to Ichikawa's two fine history museums, built atop a hill which is the ancient Jomon-era "Horinouchi" shell-mound:


The wooded area near the museums is an an archeological zone where scientific excavations have been ongoing since Japan's Meiji-era. One museum covers local history from the most ancient times up to the Edo-era & the other, from Edo times to the present. Both have remarkable displays which I haven't seem elsewhere!

Bring food, drink & wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking awhile. (You may buy lunch at a convenience store at the station, or along the way.)

I'll bring a few picnic sheets, so please bring one too if you like!

This walk offers many photo-opportunities, takes about 4 hours (depending on our pace) and is about 6 kilometers long, but don't worry, we'll take many breaks!

NOTE: coming late, being a "no-show" or changing your RSVP after our deadline creates problems, so please be kind.

If you smoke, please foul yourself away from the group.

Precautions against Covid-19, like masks, hand-washing & reasonable distancing must be observed!

Japanese weather is changeable. A light jacket & folding umbrella may be helpful. (Probably no rain, however!)

Comments or suggestions for future meetups are quite welcome, so please send them to me directly!

Thanks, your event organizer ~ Kerry D.


Ichikawa Station | 千葉県市川市市川1丁目


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