Enjoy 6000 gorgeous Irises 7-Lucky Gods & Picnic fun at a Riverside park!

Saturday, May29th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm let's visit the famous Horikiri Iris Gardens (Horikirishobuen) & see the finest collection of Iris flowers (both "Shobu" and "Ayame") to be seen in all of Tokyo!

During the Edo period (1603-1868) the Horikiri garden became a major attraction. Among other iris gardens in Edo, the Horikiri Garden was shown in many ukiyo-e paintings by famous artists of the Edo period, such as Utagawa Hiroshige, because of the garden's magnificent scenery!

A member of the famous Tokugawa-Matsudaira family devoted his life to developing unique and beautiful new varieties of this remarkable flower, and we owe a debt of thanks to this dedicated person!

Even today, it's one of the most popular botanical attractions in Tokyo.

Every June, 200 varieties and 6,000 bulbs of gorgeous irises welcome the visitors. The flower is associated with words such as ”good news,” ”trust,” & ”grace.”

(There are actually TWO iris gardens, the second one one by the riverside with an amazing view of east Tokyo and the Tokyo Sky tree, so this will be a relaxing and fun photo walk!)


"The Japanese iris (Hana-Shobu) dates back to the Tokugawa Period (1603-1867), when many varieties of iris were raised in Edo. You can still see the Edo irises today, as well as Izu iris and Higo iris. Irises come in many colors including purple, red-purple, lavender, yellow, pink & white. Some varieties show marginal variegation, others have variegated leaves, semi double or double flowers. They are perennials, classified as "emmersed" plants, plants which grow out of the water."

Let's enjoy the finest Iris Garden in Tokyo, and also, visit the legendary "Shichifuku-jin", or Seven Lucky Gods, then enjoy talking and having snacks nearby on the Arakawa riverside!

On our way, walking through the old town along a wonderful winding foot-path, we'll see many other beautiful flowers such as "Aoi", (hollyhocks) "Ajisai", (hydrangeas) and many more!

Wonderfully clever 2 plus-meter tall stone carvings of the 7-lucky gods stand in a line near a rather curious Shinto shrine on our route, as well as 12 large, very imaginative statues of the 12 Zodiac animals, and this adds to the fun!

Let's enjoy these wonderful monuments, and make a wish there!

On our tour, we'll all practice common sense, such as wearing masks, with reasonable care concerning physical contact, so we can be sociable under the sun, in the park, and enjoy some food and drinks in the lovely fresh-air green space by the riverside!

(Sunlight kills viruses, so let's get out and enjoy life together!)

Admission to the gardens is free. We appreciate your donations of ¥2000 for our event & tour guidance.

Bring snacks and drinks for yourself, if you like. We will stop at a convenience store after meeting at the station.

This is a non-smoking event, Please smoke in approved areas only, away from the group

Insect repellent, sun protection & folding umbrellas may be handy.

Any questions? Please ask them soon!

Thanks, your organizer,

Kerry D. 


Horikirishobuen Station(堀切菖蒲園駅) | 東京都葛飾区堀切五丁目


参加費 ¥2,000




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